RAINBOW OF HOPE FOR CHILDREN SOCIETY supports equitable and ecologically sound human development in Canada and abroad to enable people to identify and implement solutions to their pressing needs
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Rainbow of Hope for Children

"Each of us, in big and little ways, can be a rainbow of hope for a child or community, here and now, and make the world a little better, one step at a time"

Our Past Projects

Rainbow of Hope for Children has completed many projects in the countries where it operates. From building schools and safe houses to providing ways to enhance local cultural, we work toward improving the lives of others. The Projects on this page are completed projects we have worked on in the past.

Escola Nossa Senhora das Gracas (Our Lady of Grace School), ECS/Youth/Adult Education Centre

Location: Saramandaia in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Project Overview: To purchase a community initiated preschool to remove the burden of rent and redirect meager local funds to the program, resulting in widening and enhancing the program for children and community.

Click here for more project information! 

Biointensive Garden, Izalco, El Salvador

Biointensive Garden, Izalco, El Salvador

Rainbow of Hope for Children has been working with the people of Izalco to:

• Create a demonstration site for organic and biointensiveagricultural techniques and adapt thosetechniques to Salvadorian climate, soils and plantspecies

• Train farmers from the region in basic agricultural skills,and who also agree to train other residents of their local communities

• Supplement the normal corn and beans diet of the orphanage with organically grown vegetables and fruit. Click here for more information! 

Building a Holistic Multimistura-Health-Education-Centre

Location: Marechal Deodoro, Alagoas, Brazil

Project Overview: To help create a new facility to help pregnant women and mothers improve their lives and the lives of their children. The facility assists them with food, education, counselling, support and other services.

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Home for Children Freed From Adult Prisons, the Philippines (Father Shay Cullen and the PREDA Foundation)

Location: Olongapo City, Phillipines

Project Overview: Helping PREDA to build a safe home for children freed from adult prisons.

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How To Become Informed

Read books and articles on the developing world.

Log on to social justice web sites such as: thehungersite.com

Attend conferences and presentations by speakers from developing countries and local NGO's.

Join a group visiting the developing world.

Get to know people from the developing world who now live in your community.

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Bilingual Bicultural High School/Teachers' College, Cunen Guatemala

Location: Cunen, El Quiche, Guatemala

Project Overview: This project focused on building a high school / teacher's college that would benefit all students of limited economic resources and, and in this way, improve the economic, social and political development of their country.

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Cunen Inauguration