RAINBOW OF HOPE FOR CHILDREN SOCIETY supports equitable and ecologically sound human development in Canada and abroad to enable people to identify and implement solutions to their pressing needs
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Rainbow of Hope for Children

"Each of us, in big and little ways, can be a rainbow of hope for a child or community, here and now, and make the world a little better, one step at a time"

Intercultural, Bilingual, Mixed College (High School / Teacher's College

Project: Intercultural, Bilingual, Mixed College (High School / Teacher's College

Location: Cunen, El Quiche, Guatemala

Diagnosis of the Project: Santa Maria Cunen is one of 21 municipalities of El Quiche 230 km northwest of the capital of Guatemals. It received its municipal status by legislative decree in 1872. Over 30,000 peple (95% of k'iche ethnic) live in some 40 communities within its 177 km square territory. The people confront serious problems such as: illiteracy, poverty, infantile deaths, malnutrition, and a lack of appropriate technological services...

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